About us

VASEL is a professionally administrated family company which had been established in 1980 with its first official brand AHTER, for providing special parts development, production and improvement solutions for lifting and manufacturing industry and agricultural machines. With the addition of the second generation to the management team, Vasel focused on for the specific solutions for mobile power and data transmission systems especially for crane festooning systems. By the increase of the sales volume with professional marketing team, the company had moved its new factory at Konya Busan Industrial Area in 2007. The production volume and variety of products have been expanding since then. Now, Vasel Electromechanic Ind. Co. Ltd. has been  producing festoon systems for many different industries with its wide and highest quality product range.

Vasel’ s  product range includes a very wide range festooning solutions for C-Rail, I-Beam and Wire Rope systems for cranes including light, medium and heavy duty applications. With its highly developed project team, Vasel offers festooning system solutions for many different crane projects.


The products manufactured in Vasel Factory which had been producing under surveillance very qualified and experienced mechanical and industrial engineers are offered to all customers free of problems with the confidence and quality principles provided by the world known trademark “VASEL”


Vasel have been producing %100 of the final product in its own factory from the start of preparation of the metals and plastics, till packing and shipment process including quality controlling process with latest technology devices.

Vasel, with the export department established in its own body, as a producer/ exporter increases its export volume each year to the markets of Europe, America, Africa and Middle East. Vasel, producing all kind of plastic and metal equipments in the shortest time, developing all kind of special design festoon systems, follows the technological changes and improvements in the sector with an administration and production structure never yielding back from quality continues to be always on the side of our customers.

Vasel’ s products have been selling by its dealers and distributors  in Canada, Russia, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia to all over the world.

For products of high quality, final solution, and an enjoyable cooperation…